Dear Fellow Leader,

Because it is leading the world in the process secularisation, what happens in Europe affects the world. Today, Europe stands at a crossroads - culturally, morally and spiritually.

Why Are We Going "Mainstream"? Phase 2 of this influential mission is all about:

  • Preparing mainstream cultures for the message of the church.
    • European culture has moved so far from its Christian roots that most people believe the church has nothing relevant to say on anything that matters. We are working to change that, particularly through our social comment work with respected broadcasters like BBC TV (see 2020Plus.org), as well as our production of high-quality TV programmes (see Edges.tv).

      We've already laid out plans for a Europe-wide media alliance, which will provide a positive, articulate Christian voice on key social issues, on behalf of a new breed of churches. This will be the only alliance of its kind in Europe.
  • Helping the church engage with mainstream cultures.
    • We are helping churches to become proactive about the future, through projects like Change 2020 (change2020.net). This brings church and civic leaders together, to move entire communities forward in a positive direction. Networks of churches across Europe look to us for help in responding to future change. The Strategic Leadership Consultation (SLC), now 10 years old, is a key part of this strategy. Every year, it brings together European church network leaders for a unique, think-tank summit.
    Jesus said the church is like a city on a hill which cannot be hidden. If we don't reinvent the future of our cities, someone else's vision of the future will reinvent us.

    Through us, our core partners are able to penetrate areas of influence in Europe that they would otherwise not be able to touch - or not at this level.

    Will you help us reshape the future of Europe?

    Mal Fletcher
    Next Wave International™


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